Mar 18, 2023

7 benefits of writing a diary

by Arpit

The day I entered college, I started writing daily journals. With no prior experience in writing a diary, it was a fascinating experience. Sometimes, writing daily journals was a real challenge. Many times I was able to write just one journal a week or even once a month. But I never stopped, not even during the covid times.

Steve Jobs said that you could only connect the dots by looking backwards. Five years of experience in writing a journal made me a better person. Here are the seven areas where writing a diary could help you -


  1. Help in analyzing your day

    When you write a diary, you better analyze your day. You have a list of things that remain undone on a particular day. With that information, it becomes easy to examine your daily activities.

  2. “No person is free who is not master of himself.” ― Epictetus

  3. Helps in stress management

    Thoughts accumulated over time are sometimes complicated to manage. Writing down those thoughts is the best way to handle stress. It makes you happier and more relaxed.

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  5. Helps in keeping ideas in one place

    Are you interested in keeping your ideas in one place? Most often, people forget valuable ideas due to the complexity of the mind. The human mind is capable of generating tons of ideas in a single day. You can jot down any idea and let your mind wander to something else. Later you can use that particular idea as per your need.

  6. Helps in figuring out the next step

    Have you faced the problem of having multiple paths at some point of time in your life? It becomes challenging to select any one path. Writing down your thoughts helps you in dissecting your patterns which in turn helps in figuring out the best possible path.

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  8. Helps in better learning

    When you write a diary and deliberate on your day, you draw some valuable lessons for the future. Writing down your mistakes helps in better learning.

  9. “True mastery transcends any particular art. It stems from mastery of oneself--the ability, developed through self-discipline, to be calm, fully aware, and completely in tune with oneself and the surroundings. Then, and only then, can a person know himself.” ― Bruce Lee

  10. Helps in better sleep

    Writing positive things day-to-day keeps the negative thoughts away from you. It helps in emptying the mind before bedtime, which results in better sleep.

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  12. Helps in knowing yourself better

    Writing your own story helps in knowing yourself better. You formulate a deeper understanding of your behaviour, feelings, and thoughts.


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