Jan 11, 2022

Lao tzu Philosoply - Being Aimless

by Arpit

"The Master does nothing, yet he leaves nothing undone. The ordinary man is always doing things, yet many more are left to be done."

Do you always set goals and fail to achieve them? No worries. In this blog, you will learn the art of doing nothing.

From an early age, you have learnt the importance of goal setting. Your teachers might have emphasized the need to set weekly, monthly and yearly goals. You might have also made a schedule with specific goals written. You can share your experience in the comment box.

Is goal setting enough? Can you do incredible things by just setting goals? Let us dive deep into it and understand it in spiritual terminology.

Your thought process is expanding every second. You lived very differently ten years ago than you live today, both physically and spiritually. Suppose you set a 10-year goal today. After a couple of years, your mindset may change. You may not want that particular thing in your life. So definitely, the 10-year goal that you defined would indeed change with time.

So does it mean that you should not have a purpose or goal? No, we want you to understand that there is a certain way to set goals. A quote by Robert Byrne, "The purpose of life is a life of purpose", is enough to make you understand the importance of purposeful life. So how to set goals. What is the more appropriate way to live a life with a purpose?

Today most people are setting goals without knowing themselves internally. For example, you define your purpose after seeing what your friend is doing. What will be the probability that you will stick to it till the end? Very negligible. You defined a goal based on your external environment. It is what most people are doing today.

So when you define your goals externally, you may need more force to conquer them. Most probably, you might give up early. Being aimless is a state in which you are totally aligned with nature. You do not have to go against the wind. With less amount of force, you will achieve more.

You might have seen a sunrise. The sun rises every day without any effort. It is aimless and yet leaves nothing incomplete. It is what you can achieve when you get aligned with nature.

All things in nature are aimless. They do nothing and achieve everything. A few techniques you can try are given below.

  1. Overthinking could make you weak internally. Free your mind from unnecessary thoughts.
  2. Goals are not permanent. You define your goals as per your intellect. So you can modify them anytime.
  3. Define your purpose as per your intellect. Do not get excited by what other people are doing around you.
  4. Don't take people's judgement seriously. Do what you like.
  5. Stay away from all the negative things. Positive affirmations are beneficial to keep you uplifted in the long run.

These practices would have a tremendous influence on your body. Keep growing and keep learning.


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