Nov 7, 2020

Control your Mind | Mind Control

by Arpit

What is mind? How does it work? Can it be controlled? What happens when we master the technique to control our mind. Before reading further, I request you to close your eyes for a minute and think about your mind. Experience the flow of thoughts in and out of your mind. Let your whole body relax. Now open your eyes. What did you experience? You can share your thoughts in the comment box given below.

Thoughts define your mind. They are the building blocks of the mind. The better you control your thoughts, the better your mind works. According to the universal law of attraction, your thoughts determine the outcome of everything you desire. To attract positive things, you need to balance your thoughts positively. Meditation is quite helpful in controlling your thoughts.

Mind and energy are very close to each other. The mind can work at its best when you possess a tremendous amount of energy. But to be honest, you do not have an infinite reservoir of energy. It is in the finite form available to humans and all other living things. So you have to spend it in the best possible way. The mind operates competently if the energy is in your control.

Today most of the people are spending all the energy on useless things. When it comes to working on the purpose(dream), all the enthusiasm is already gone. Time management is requisite when it comes to mind-controlling. Spending energy in a better way makes your mind to open further.

In the present time, there are lots of distractions present around you. Technology is said to be the biggest distraction. Is it true? You can share your thoughts in the comment box given below. Technology can be a distraction to some and can be a boon to others. It is up to you how you use it. More importantly, if you learn time management, you will find technology a blessing rather than a distraction.

Now you are familiar with the building blocks of how to control your mind. Now one bitter truth is, it is quite challenging to control your mind. But it is not impossible. With constant practice, one can make the impossible possible. It doesn't matter how you lived in your past. The most important obligation is what to do next. According to Lord Krishna, with constant practise and detachment, one can easily control the mind. Never lose hope and be always ready to practice until you achieve your purpose.


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