Why attitude is important?

by Arpit

To have a positive attitude in life is very important. It is something which can help in your difficult situations. A lion is not the most beautiful animal in the forest, not even the tallest animal in the forest. But a Lion is always the king of the forest. You need to be like a lion. Even if you are not powerful, not prettier, not intelligent, but if you have the attitude like a lion, you can do anything. A leader should have the attitude of a lion.

A team of 100 dogs led by a lion is far stronger than a team of 100 lions led by a dog. It is not necessary that every member of a team should be strong but it is very much necessary that the leader of the team should be strong. It is correct that tournaments are won by team efforts but its the leader who develops the positive attitude within the team. If the leader is vigorous, the team will also be prominent.

What do vigorous mean here?

Being vigorous means having a positive attitude especially in tough situations. Your thinking ability in those situations define you.

There are many ups and downs in your life. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. You should learn to handle failure. No matter how offended you would be if you fell into this circumstance, your attitude would determine how far you can go in life.

There are certain points you will need to work upon to develop a positive attitude...

1. Control your anger.

2. Self-confidence.

3. Belief

4. Time management.

5. Power to say no.

These are certain qualities you need to generate within yourself.

To generate these qualities you need to change your daily routines. It is challenging to change former habits and adopt new ones. But you should know the acquisition of these qualities. You should not feel pressure while doing it. You are developing these habits to generate a positive attitude within yourself.

There are many successful people around us. We only look at their wealth, their lifestyle and believe how lucky they are. But we are unaware of their struggling period. They fought with the world to achieve success. It was not easy for them to do it solely but with their positive attitude, they make it happen. Things don't happen by chance. We need to endeavour to cross the line. In certain situations, we feel like quitting but remember why you started. Do not allow your passion level to decrease. Live a life that makes you more passionate with time.


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