Aug 24, 2023

Book Review

by Arpit

Book:Discipline Equals Freedom
Author:Jocko Willink
Publisher: Macmillan

In "Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual," Jocko Willink lays out the philosophical underpinnings for a life based on discipline, suggesting that one can only find true freedom by practicing discipline. The idea that "discipline equals freedom" may sound counterintuitive at first. But the more one reads this powerful guide, the more pronounced the reality of this idea becomes.

Willink's book is different from a how-to tutorial on self-control. It digs deeply into the ethos and mindset one should adopt to traverse life's turbulent waters successfully. It has two essential parts: "Thoughts" and "Actions." The first part includes Willink's philosophical musings on discipline, responsibility, and the significance of the individual in the grand scheme of things. The second part delves into more concrete actions one can take about health, exercise, and day-to-day responsibilities.

discipline written on stone

Willink, a former Navy SEAL, stresses the importance of taking charge of one's life. He insists persistently that our choices, not chance or other factors, determine our lives. "Don't expect to be motivated to get out there and make things happen daily," Willink advises. No, you won't. Do not rely on inspiration. Discipline will be enforced.

In a time when inspiration may come from anywhere—from a status update to a TED talk—this message rings especially true. Willink disagrees that encouragement or praise from others is necessary for success. Instead, he suggests we follow our self-discipline as a reliable compass.

The central idea of the book is "Discipline Equals Freedom." Discipline is the key to taming one's impulses and overcoming one's fears. By doing so, you free yourself from their control. For instance, one can become debt-free by practicing fiscal restraint and reducing one's standard of living to match income. Similarly, the control of a healthy body can be achieved by the exercise routine.

girls doing yoga
Part two of the book, titled "Actions," is where the real meat of the reader resides. Willink discusses several aspects of health and wellness, including getting enough rest, eating properly, exercising regularly, and getting up early. He examines mental exercises to help one persevere through life's challenges and provides specific fitness plans and dietary recommendations.

Willink's emphasis on uniformity stands out clearly. Consistency and the continuous pursuit of growth are more important than perfection and tiredness.

The book has its unique style. It's primarily monochrome and has a straightforward layout, much like the stuff it contains. Willink's messages are emphasized by their placement in large, all-caps text throughout the book. This aesthetic choice may appeal to only some readers, but it perfectly captures the book's content, which is genuine and raw.

While helpful in many ways, the book risks appearing too prescriptive to confident readers. Specific individuals may find common ground with Willink's methods, grounded in his time as a Navy SEAL and subsequent work. Some of the suggestions in the book can feel overly general because they need to consider nuances or unique situations.

The book "Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual" is an anthem for taking charge of one's own life. Self-reliance, individual accountability, and the unyielding strength of self-discipline are emphasized. The book may not provide a silver bullet, but its theme that "in discipline, there is indeed freedom" rings true regardless of context.

Willink's guide can be a lighthouse for those who are ready to begin on a journey of self-examination, self-improvement, and unrelenting tenacity, serving as a reminder that genuine freedom can't be found in chasing after external answers but rather in developing one's internal discipline.


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