Mar 28, 2021

Yevade Subramanyam(Yeh hai zindagi)

by Arpit

There are very few movies that illustrate the journey of finding the inner self. No one wants to showcase it in the cinemas. In the high paced world, we are engaged in a race that will take us nowhere. The kind of education we are getting can be the primary reason for that. Yevade Subramanyam(Yeh hai Zindagi) is a movie that can make us understand the importance of small things which we try to neglect in life.

The story revolves around Subramanyam, a person who only lives for money and status. His every single act reveals his selfish nature. He is about to marry his boss's daughter because she's rich. Rishi, his childhood friend, always wanted to go to Dudh Kasi. The entry of Anandi in Subramanyam's and Rishi's life changes the whole scenario of the movie. But then happens an unexpected incident with Rishi that brings a significant setback to both Subramanyam and Anandi. What happened next? Watch the film to know all your answers.

The first half of the movie shows worldly life. The second half is all about knowing the inner self. Money, fame and success are essential, but they are nothing if you are unaware of what life is. There is a lot of adventure involved throughout the movie with heart-touching music. You may find it a little slow in the middle, but it is a must-watch movie. I will recommend it to people who love adventure and who want to know what life is?



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