July 18, 2021


by Arpit

Some movies illustrate to you the truth of our present society. Velaikkaran is a movie on food adulteration. Very few directors are capable of producing a film on such an important issue. Today the whole world is going through the adverse effects of contamination of food products. I never thought that a South Indian movie could showcase this essential issue.

Arivu hails from a slum area in Chennai. He always wants to see his fellow beings uplifted. One day, he lands up with a marketing job in a leading food factory. After spending some time in the food industry, he learns about the hazardous products it produces. If the product contains five good items, it is packed with ten dangerous chemicals. But the due to the marketing strategy, people remain unaware of these chemicals. Due to these food products, small age people are affected by harmful diseases. Arivu decides to change the whole food industry. Will our hero be able to change the entire industry?

The role of Nayanthara in motivating the hero is crucial, although she is underutilized. Director has done a fabulous job in the first half of the movie. The second half is a bit tedious as it is all about the cat and mouse game between hero and villain. It could have been much better. Despite the weak second half, the message it gives is astonishing.

Today with the advancement of science and technology, our lives have become more comfortable, faster and better. We always hunt for a shortcut to accomplish things. It is also the case with our food. Various companies today offer easy to make food items. But the issue is that these food items are packed with preservatives, taste enhancers and many more dangerous chemicals.

It is a movie filled with hard-hitting dialogues. I will recommend the film to those who want to uplift their inner self and know more about food adulteration.


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