June 13, 2021

The Illusionist

by Arpit

I always believe that watching a good movie refreshes your mind. It also gives your mind a boost that can enhance your thinking ability.

The Illusionist is a movie about Eisenheim, a magician. Most people consider him as a man with supernatural powers as his tricks appear too complex to understand. His ability to do breathtaking illusions draws the attention of Crown prince Leopold. While performing his tricks, Eisenheim finds his childhood love, Sophie, soon to unite with the Crown prince.

This movie is a journey of Eisenheim and Sophie trying to be together where Eisenheim using his mysterious powers. Chief Inspector Uhl character is an appealing character to watch. His loyalty to the prince and his love for the magic keeps him confused throughout the whole movie. What happened at the end of the film? Is Eisenheim possed with supernatural powers? Watch the full movie to know more.

The movie consists of a great story, mystery, suspense and love. If you are bored watching regular movies with almost the same storyline, you should give it a try.



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