July 24, 2022


by Arpit

I always love to watch suspense thriller movies. It holds a special place among various genres of movies. Many Indian films attempted to provide suspense and thrill. But very few have stayed true to its genre. Ratsasan is one of the best psycho-thriller movies I have ever seen. It is based on a serial killer murdering school girls with the same pattern.

"Don't you link up Samyukta's murder and Amudha missing case with that doll's head"

A confused young man Arun wants to be a movie director. But he ends up as a police officer. Despite facing difficulties, he commits himself to a horrifying case. A ruthless psycho is killing young girls with some specific pattern. Arun starts his investigation to find the killer.

The best thing about the movie is its unpredictability. The audience will keep on guessing for the most part of the movie. The film is made with excessive twists and turns to exhilarate the audience. The scary atmosphere with intense haunting music makes the movie more splendid.

"A mentally unstable guy who carefully plans and kills his victim"

The back story might seem a little peculiar. In the end, the movie dragged a little bit. But the screenplay is so good that drawbacks can be ignored. A must-watch film if you love suspense thriller stories.


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