Oct 09, 2022


by Arpit

Before tasting success, one has to face many challenges. There is no one to believe in you. Things get worse, and you get surrounded by negative thoughts. But the person who never loses hope could never be defeated. Just keep going is a secret mantra for success.

Premam is a movie that showcases the life of an electric engineer, Vijay. He is a master in inventing apps and devices. But every time, the corporate companies reject his innovative devices. It pushes him to go out for a drink to the bar.

Is it not correct to judge from a distance without looking closely that it is wrong and that it is right?

He invents a path-breaking device that can save hundreds of lives in road accidents. But he is not taken seriously by anyone. Finally, he ends up as a television mechanic. Despite so many failures, Vijay's father never stops believing in him.

There is no greater achievement than knowing your mistake.

Vijay also falls in love but fails to keep that relationship alive. Failure in life and love didn't stop Vijay. He never gave up. What happened in the end? Watch the full movie to know the climax.

Patience and belief are the two most essential elements that can take you to greater heights. A person can't succeed if he can't handle failures. The movie got average ratings as it does not contain action and thrill. But don't judge the book by its cover. It is a perfect movie for all the engineers who want to succeed in life. It is a must-watch movie for all the youngsters who want to do something different in society.


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