Oct 04, 2020

Pirates of Silicon Valley

by Arpit

The whole movie describes the starting phase of Apple and Microsoft. The way Steve Jobs and Bill Gates came out of the box and made an impact around the world is worth watching.

To make things work, Steve Jobs always used the reality distortion field. We know Apple and Microsoft as enormous billion-dollar companies. But every company around the world started small, as did these two technology giants. The thinking process of Gates and Jobs were very different from one another and is beautifully described in the movie.

There was a love-hate relationship between Jobs and Gates when it came to making their companies develop. Gates always worked with a vision in his mind about the product he was going to make. On the other hand, Jobs knew how to build great products and was always keen on taking the risk with his reality distortion field.

If you want to know more about Apple and Microsoft, this movie is for you. I think young entrepreneurs should watch this movie to gain some valuable things. Ideas work when you allow them to work. The way Jobs and Gates took influential decisions were the primary sources of success for Apple and Microsoft.



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