May 09, 2021

October Sky

by Arpit

When you want to accomplish a dream, you never fear obstacles. You don't worry about resources. October Sky is a story of a young man who believes in himself and goes to fulfil his dream despite unfamiliar circumstances. Joe Johnston is the director of this beautiful movie.

After the launch of the satellite named Sputnik, Homer Hickam is inspired to do something different. He is a mediocre student who wants to develop his own rocket. A point to be noted here is that you don't have to be a genius to accomplish your dream. After spending some time studying jet propulsion and rocket design, he meets Quentin(a mathematician).

With the help of a couple of his friends, many small rockets are made to set off. But they all went disaster until Quentin joins them. Homer's father, a supervisor in a coal mine, isn't supportive. He wants his son to be a mine worker like him.

Miss Riley(a helpful teacher) advise them to participate in a regional science fair that also offers scholarship to the winner. Are they able to win the scholarship? How did they accomplish their destiny? Watch the full movie and get all the answers to the above questions.

I will recommend the movie to those who want to learn more about belief and teamwork.


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