April 03, 2022

Miss India

by Arpit

Not many movies talk about women's empowerment. Girls are not allowed to carve their own paths. Even today discrimination against women is common in many parts of India. They are forced to choose the traditional path of having a marriage. Miss India is a movie that talks about women's equality. It tells viewers that a girl can also achieve her dream.

Mansa Samyukta wants to make her grandfather proud. She wants to make his ayurvedic chai recipe world famous. But her mother wants her to be educated so she can get married and lead a comfortable life. When her brother lands a job in the U.S., it gives her a perfect opportunity to live her dream.

“To donate something is charity, to share something is humanity.” -Miss India

I think the movie has a weak plot with not a too solid script. The idea of women's empowerment is fantastic, but the execution could have been much better. There are some illogical scenes and dialogues that rarely occur in the life of an entrepreneur. The movie becomes totally predictable, but it has a great message to inspire women.

“It doesn’t matter how hard you are working in life as it matters how happy you are in life.” -Miss India

I usually search for movies that can inspire young youth. Irrespective of the weak direction, this movie offers some positive vibes and a strong message for viewers. If you love to watch inspiring movies, give it a try. Have a good day.


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