May 30, 2021

Chakra ka Rakshak

by Arpit

If you are bored, watching a crime thriller movie can be one of the best things to do. It not only helps in making your mind fresh but also enhances your brainpower. Various people practised different techniques to calm their minds. Watching a good movie can become one of the most beneficial techniques for you to relax your mind.

Chakra ka Rakshak is a cybercrime thriller movie with an interesting story and characters. On independence day, 50 robberies happened across various locations in Chennai. With the help of Major Chandru, ACP Gayathri was handling the case. With numerous facts and clues, Chandru finds that the mastermind behind these robberies was a woman named Leela, a chess coach. Was the mastermind caught? Watch the full movie to know more.

The negative role of the female lead was very majestic. The story was somehow predictable. The second half of the movie lacked suspense. Overall it is a movie with a weak plot but, the influential characters and the dominant first half of the movie makes it a must-watch film.



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