Mar 21, 2021

I still believe

by Arpit

Faith, a small word with deep meaning. If you are a religious person or you aren't religious. It does not matter. Faith always keeps you close to the infinite power of the universe. Some situations are not under your control. Yet, you always want to have control over those situations. The thing which we lack at that moment is belief. All the persuasive achievements of the world happened just by believing.

'I still Believe', a movie that represents the power of belief. When you trust God in adverse situations, He is always with you. It is a true story of Jeremy Camp, a Grammy winner who meets his first wife, Melissa. Melissa, a girl who keeps faith in God, is the most beautiful and powerful character in the movie. She always tries to choose a safe path without hurting someone's feelings. She lately confesses her love to Jeremy when she gets diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

We all search for happy moments throughout our life. However, we never find any of them. The happiest moment is the present moment which we neglect. We always want things to happen as per our perception. That's right, but life is full of ups and downs. The only thing under our control is our ability never to lose hope. Believing in the actions of God and keep the journey going is the right path under all circumstances.

What happened in the latter half of the movie. Can Melissa's belief and trust in God be able to get her out of the difficulty? Watch the full movie to know more. I recommend the movie to those who want to know more about life, hope, love and God.



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