Aug 30, 2022

7 Ways to Embrace simplicity in Life

by Arpit

Why do you want to keep things simple? What is the purpose of simplicity? What are the ways to keep things simple?

Every day you try to go one step ahead in life. You try different things in different circumstances to lead a successful life. But in chasing success, you might get trapped in anxiety and depression. And then you might eventually lose happiness in your life. Now you need simplicity to get out of this situation.

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What is the purpose of simplicity? Simplicity adds a new dimension to your life. You get satisfied with any result you get while chasing your dream. You don't try to impress other people around you. Other's opinions don't trouble you much. You start to live a peaceful life full of joy and happiness. Simplicity can change your belief system entirely.

Here are 7 ways to keep things simple.

  1. Have faith in your own decisions

    When you decide to do something, you should have faith in yourself. Most of the time, people would not support you. It is a harsh reality you have to accept. Never listen to the outside noise if you want to keep things simple.
  2. Don't expect from others

    When you desire(expect) anything, dissatisfaction comes when that desire doesn't get fulfilled. Expectations always bring negative thoughts with them. According to Bhagavad Gita, a man falls because of attachments. Attachments are the result of your expectations. Doing your karma sincerely without any expectations is the best way to keep things simple.
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  4. Fresh air in the morning

    Today, most people wake up early after sipping coffee. Fresh air in the morning could wake you up naturally. It is one of the positive energy sources. It provides a lot of fresh oxygen to your body. Simplicity comes when you get filled with positivity, and consuming fresh air in the morning is the best way to attract positivity.
  5. Meditation and Yoga practices for the Mind

    Yoga and meditation play an essential role in keeping the body and mind healthy. Yoga combines physical poses with deliberate breathing. Meditation prepares your mind to control your thoughts. Continuously practising meditation and yoga helps to increase productivity, reduce stress and makes you happy.
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  7. Daily laughing

    It is often said that laughter is one of the best medicines. It amplifies your immune system and boosts your mood. It helps to reduce stress by forcing out negative thoughts from the mind. Simplicity cannot exist if you spend a day without laughter.
  8. Minimize the usage of social media

    Excessive use of social media could make you feel depressed and full of anxiety. It could destroy your sleep cycle and eventually make your mind sluggish. Constant alerts and notifications could affect your concentration levels. To simplify your life, you should be ready to minimize the use of social media.
  9. Light food and early dinner

    Taking light and early dinner is one of the best ways to keep your mind spiritually active. It usually takes some time to digest food. Having an early dinner increases the quality of sleep. Since the primary part of digestion has already occurred and the digestive system works less when the body is at rest.


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