Jul 20, 2020

Happiness comes from within

by Arpit

Are you still searching for happiness? How to remain happy all the time? Is it really possible?

Happiness is the positive energy that keeps you in a joyful state. To remain happy all the time, you need to maintain it(positive energy) in a better way. Your daily habits play a significant role in sustaining these positive energy waves.

Your thought process also helps in making you a more vibrant person internally. Most of you believe that happiness is all about external materialistic things. It means that people earning more money are more joyful. They could buy costly things and enjoy a lavish lifestyle. According to the studies, there is a positive association between money and happiness. Yet, the thing to notice here is that rich people are happy because of their daily activities. It means that money and happiness are not interrelated.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. ― Mahatma Gandhi

The way you spend your time creates an environment that maintains positive energy waves around you.

Many of you might have set some goals in your life. If you live each day thinking that happiness would come by achieving your goals, you are going away from your internal self. These worldly things will value nothing at some point of time in your life. It is okay to have goals as they help us in many ways. But the catching thing here is your journey. If your focus is only on the end result, you cannot be calm from within.

Detachment is another thing that comes into play when we talk of joyfulness. So what does detachment mean? It means doing things without worrying about what will happen next. You have to see yourself as a part of this whole universe. Everything that happens around you is because of laws of the universe. Detachment doesn't mean that you should not control things. If you get inclined with nature, then you will feel more freedom within yourself. A free mind can control everything.

If you want to be always in a joyful state, you have to get aligned with the law of nature. Be grateful for all the things you have.


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