Feb 24, 2021

Right time to Start

by Arpit

What is the right time to start anything of prime importance? Can the right time change your life? Let's take an example. You are pessimistic about your life. You want to improve yourself, but the crux of the problem is unknown to you. You go to bed late and wake up late. Your mind and body become sluggish with time, and your passion level commences to decline.

One day someone tells you to follow a proper morning routine. You are not a morning person, but seeing your situation, you decide to give it a try. After analysing lots of data of early rising people, you made your suited morning routine. After faithfully following your brand-new morning routine for a week, your mind and body began to work more efficiently. Positivity prevails around you. You become more optimistic.

In about one week, your whole life changes. You get filled with an infinite reservoir of energy. You start to enjoy your journey with a lot of confidence. Following a morning routine takes you to your higher self and allows you to see your inner self with more clarity.

Can you determine one thing of prime importance by reading the above short morning routine story? LIVING IN PRESENT. You only focused on giving yourself some time and followed a morning routine without even bothering your past or future.

We always search for the right time to start something we like. We waste our precious time and gain nothing. We forget that the right time is the present time. The journey of thousand miles starts with a single step. Most of us do not take even the first step.

Do not search for the right time. It is already with you. Have the courage to take your first step and become better with time.


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