Mar 15, 2021

One thought

by Arpit

Can one thought decide your entire day? Firstly you should know about the perception we are talking about here. And how it can become the thought of prime importance in your life.

I recently experimented on my thought process. I was doing much better than the previous year, but something was still clumsy. The results I got after the experiment was quite fascinating. My entire day was depending only on a single thought. Several questions were standing before me, which I needed to resolve. At what time this particular thought occur? Can it be changed from a negative to a positive one? After a profound analysis, I was able to answer all the enigmas.

The time you get out of bed early in the morning is the perfect time when the maximum chances are there for the thought(one thought) to occur. Is there any probability of making your day better if you get surrounded by pessimism at that moment? Yes, you can, even after the worst start. If you try to forget about what happened a few minutes ago and think assertive, you can still transform your entire day. I tried it many times and got positive results.

"For one who has conquered his mind, a mind is best of friends, but for one who has failed to do so, a mind is the greatest enemy." – Lord Krishna

The thought we are talking about here also exists in your life. It has the power to decide your whole day. According to the new study, your mind can generate 6200 thoughts per day. Well, that's interesting. You need to focus only on one. Leave 6199 and concentrate on only one. You have to tranquillize your mind and search for the thought which is deciding your daily habits.

Remember that the mind is difficult to control but not impossible. With specific techniques, you can build your mind to do great things. Shree Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita, with constant practise and detachment, one can attain self-control over the mind. Practice and find one thought which is deciding your entire day. Analyse-it and make it your weapon to keep yourself calm and happy.


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