May 5, 2021

Not able to maintain consistency

by Arpit

Consistency is a fancy word used in every area of life. You might have heard that consistency is one of the ingredients to a successful life. It is accepted as the tactics for achieving long term greatness. Is it that important? To examine consistency further, you have to understand it in a better way. Look at nature around yourself. The beauty, simplicity and peace it provides are incredible. You can see the sunrise every morning. Sun never complain about anything. Imagine if, for one day, the sun does not rise. The balance that nature provides would be affected remarkably.

Consistency is repetitiveness. Growth is a continuous process. You cannot rise by putting in the effort for one day. So how to achieve consistency?

Before working on your consistency, you have to analyse your daily habits. If you accept regular drinking as consistency, you have to consult a psychologist. Do not add negativity to a positive thing. Well defined good practices can increase your flexibility. So if you are willing to work on your habits, better results are waiting for you.

"Being consistent wins over being talented."

I am analysing myself for the past two years. Each day, I get something new to learn. I think that a learning attitude is something that can improve your consistency. If you are not enjoying your journey, you cannot be consistent.

I also believe in starting the day with a positive belief system. A proper schedule is an important asset not to be underestimated. Without any plan, you allow procrastination to enter your life.

Lastly, I am going to tell you the most fundamental thing required to maintain consistency. It's called Patience. You might not feel motivated each day or not get good results. But Patience is something that keeps you going. A calm and refreshing mind always help you in those circumstances.

Believe, and you will be able to maintain consistency. Best of luck.


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