Feb 02, 2020

Keep Going

by Arpit

Are you going in the right direction? Time is running fast. Remember your dream and work hard for that dream. Don't let others opinion destroy your vision. People will judge you in every situation of your life. They will behave as if they are the only right person in the world. They will never try to understand your passion. Finally, they will try to decide your future by giving their opinion.

Today itself decide your dream and start working on that dream. No matter how many times you would fail. Accept your failure and learn from every failure. Failure means an opportunity to make the impossible possible. Live each day with new enthusiasm and see the transformation within you. Don't blame others. The fault is within you. Challenging yourself each day can help you in building your destiny.

The success of the idea depends on its execution. An average idea can be successful by proper analysis. Every day write the mistakes you did and try to minimize them. It is easy to remain focus when everything is going right. The goal is to do better when things get tough. Don't pray for comfort. Comfort minimizes your strength.

Love all. Serve all. Help ever. Hurt never. -Sai Baba

Always pray for this life given by God to us. Pray for the things you all have. Don't show ego for the lifestyle you have. Always try to help others. Start your day with God. Give all the acknowledgement of your success to God. Always try to do better. Search for the endowments that lie within you. Each one of you is invincible. Something great is waiting for you if you are ready to do hard work.


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