Jan 5, 2020

Fearless soul

by Arpit

What is stopping you from accomplishing your dreams? Why you are not working, the way you should work? Nothing new is happening around you. You are still living an average life. Is fear stopping you from achieving your goals? You need to change something in 2020 to make it one of the best year of your life. Change your attitude towards fear. You are more powerful than your fear. Challenge your fear, fight for your existence and see something great in yourself. Don't repeat the mistakes you did in 2019.

Whenever you go on to fulfil your dreams, fear comes along the way. It is the force which prevents you from accomplishing your goals. It eventually forces you to live an average life. It informs you something unusual is about to happen. Don't let fear determine your future. Fight for the life you wanted to live. Start taking actions to overcome fear.

Fear can be useful in certain situations. It can accelerate you and help you in achieving your goals. It can be a powerful motivator. You can motivate your children by using fear. "If you will not do homework, you will fail!" You can also stimulate your employees. "If you don't do this task, you are fired!" Fear is the biggest motivator in making the impossible possible.

Fearlessness is the first requisite of spirituality. Cowards can never be moral. ― Mahatma Gandhi

People around you have a misconception that fear can only destroy dreams. Yet it also heals you in certain conditions. Overcoming fear is not easy. It is beyond you comfort zone. The thought process within you will define how a particular fear is going to affect you. Leave your comfort zone and start exploring yourself.

Start doing the things which look scary sometimes. Feel the change within you. Don't worry about what the people around you will think about you. You can overcome your fear. You are more powerful than your fear. Follow your heart and reach your destination.


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