Dec 1, 2019

Discipline: Weapon of success

by Arpit

What is discipline? It means to train your body to do certain things. Here certain things refer to the commitments you make with yourself. It is the capability to say no to all the distractions you face. It is the power to eat healthy food when all other tempting options are available. It is the power to make your dream come true.

Life is never going to be easy. To reach a specific goal, you need to work like hell. Majority of people around us are living an average life. They do not even try to go one step higher than where they are right now. They accept themselves as average. They fear to do difficult things and fail to develop good habits. Today majority of people are studying only to get good grades rather than building their minds. They all lack one thing discipline in their life.

We all believe that we might do something great in the future and pass each day doing nothing. We think that there is tomorrow but that tomorrow never comes. We plan our trips, marriages, parties and much more. We have no time to plan our career. Remember, time is the most powerful weapon we all get each day. We all have 24 hours per day in our account. We should use those hours wisely. Remember, minute actions make huge differences. Nobody gets one-night success.

“Go forward even if you’re tired; go forward even if you don’t feel like it and you don’t feel motivated. Doing a little bit is better than doing nothing. Success is not one large step; it's small daily steps towards reaching the goal." -Jeanette Coron

Your commitments should be so strong that nobody can conflict with them. You should develop the capability to say no to certain things which distract you from your goal. This type of discipline is required to live in a different world where you can connect with your higher self.

Remember, change is the most important thing in anybody's life. If you are changing every day, you are proceeding on the right track. If nobody believes in you then walk alone. Those who walk alone have the clearest path. It requires discipline to make enormous decisions. Do not care about results. Focus on your journey. Prepare yourself for life, not for the race.


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