Feb 06, 2020

How to Improve Communication Skills

by Anshul

Communication is the art of exchanging information in certain different ways like vocal, written, visual or non-verbal by modulating body language, gestures, the tone and pitch of voice. Communication skills need a millenium to master but a moment is enough to execute them. The benefit of good communication skills are a heap but to put some, take example of a speaker. A speaker is judged not only on mere words and the knowledge he possess about the subject but also on the basis of how well he communicates. A person with fair amount of knowledge amalgamed with excellent communication skills are considered great speakers in comparison to those with great knowledge but low communication skills.

Everything addressed above under the introduction to communication skills has a bitter truth. The truth about effectively communciating and influencing others that no one ever told is that you need to talk more to effectively master it. Yes, it is your same talkative nature that was a source of constant ire(anger) to your teacher that will fetch you a cut above the normal communicators. It is well said that practise makes a man perfect. You can practise these skills by talking with your much influencing seniors and mentors whom you find inspiring. Desmond Tutu once quoted, "Don't raise your voice, improve your arguement". Here is when your skills come into play.

As I mentioned that mastering communication needs a millenium. But is mastering it really worth it? A person with good communication skills will have the golden key to the skill that we mentioned in the previous article of this series i.e. Self Confidence. People with good skills of speaking are comfortable in all conferences and meetings that they attend without the fear of the feeling,"WHAT IF ITS MY TURN TO SPEAK". They feel confident and enthusiastic which laterally helps their subconcious mind to think better. Joseph Murphey in his book 'The power of subconcious mind' mentioned that the mind works best when we are in our favourable surroundings. Good communication skills improves a person's chance to influence others in a better way. In this era of competition, it is certainly necessary to be a leader than to search for one. Services selection board which is a screening test to recruit the officers for elite Indian Armed Forces take into account his/her communication skills more than how they look! So the answer to the question is proved here.

When the trust account is high, communication is easy, instant, and effective. -Stephen R. Covey

Now lets discuss about the points to improve your art to talk well.

1) Improve and improvise your knowledge regularly-Keep on learning new things. Never miss a chance to jot down things which you may found useful.
2) Use Simple Dictionary-Use words which are way too common and easily understandable to the masses. Never look down towards your vocabulary.
3) Always Dress smart-Dress attractively and smartly to gather attention and not let people take their eye off you.
4) Connect with audience- Connect with people in the most simple way. Tell them what they want to hear. Laugh with them. But try to maintain a thin line between a orator and a listener.
5) Give aids and examples- Never communicate in rocket science examples. Have simple and crisp anicdots ready with you. Sooth the audience and make them your fan.

Check out on these points. Introspect yourself and this much needed skill will benefit your for the entire span of your life.


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