July 28, 2022

7 Ways to Save money

by Arpit

Are you lacking the ability to save your money? I have been saving money since childhood. I have done many experiments that can help you out. Here are the seven tips that can help you in saving more money.


  1. Don't see money as money

    Many people give too much significance to money. It makes money more important than other things. Anticipating too much about money can make your mind full of fear and anxiety. Money is just an ordinary object. If you think this way, you might see a significant change in your life.

  2. “Saving money is for fools. The wise achieve the very same or even better result by simply not wasting money.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

  3. Leave your ego

    You cannot save money until you destroy your ego. Suppose your neighbour bought a new car. It doesn't mean that you also need a new car. You could get influenced by people easily if you fail to kill your ego. And finally, your expenses increase, and your savings decrease.

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  5. Do not save money for specific items

    Have you ever saved money for some specific items you wanted? It is a promising technique to save money but not a great technique. Once you fulfil your goal, you most probably stop saving money. Do not try to save money for some specific items. Make it a habit to save money regularly without any precise goal. And guess what, you would have enough money to buy any desired item in the future.

  6. Plan your income

    Planning plays an essential role in every field. Properly plan your expenses and savings every month. It could help you to analyse the areas where you are making mistakes.

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  8. Keep your money in different places

    It is a psychological method that helped me a lot. If you keep your money in one place, your expenses might increase. It gives you the feeling of having more money. If you keep your money in different areas, the opposite happens. It gives you the feeling of having less money.

  9. “Money is a very dangerous thing, you have to get know how to look after it or else you will loose it with ease and remember how you would've it in hard times.” ― Auliq Ice

  10. Search for good items at cheap price

    Whether the watch is of rupees one lakh or rupees 250, both do the same work. People are very crazy about branded items. But the significant purpose behind having branded items is to show off. You can either satisfy yourself or satisfy others. The decision is yours. If you really need a particular item, then go with it. But buying things to show off is totally worthless.

  11. watch
  12. Use online payments carefully

    In recent times, the trend of online payments has increased. But it might increase your expenses. You have direct access to your bank account. You could buy items anytime without facing the problem of cash. You need to have control over your expenses if you are new to online payments.


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