Top 10 animals that are extinct

by Ashutosh

  1. Quagga

    The Quagga was a sub-species of Zebra found in South Africa, which used to live in herds of 30 to 50 in the plains of Africa. The average length of one Quagga was 8 feet 5 inches, and the height varied from 4 feet 1 inch to 4 feet 5 inches. At one time, the population was good in South Africa. But due to the formation of European settlements in the Colonial Era, they were heavily hunted. By the end of the 19th century, Quagga became extinct.

  2. dodo
  3. Dodo

    By the end of the 19th century, Quagga became extinct. Dodo - The dodo bird is one of the best-known examples of human-induced extinction of the species. This bird was native to the island of Mauritius in the Indian ocean. They roamed freely throughout the island due to the absence of any natural predators. So with time, they lost the ability to fly and run fast. Their legs became short and weak. When the dutch people came to Mauritius, Dodo easily became their prey. Now the bird appears only in the national emblem of Mauritius.

  4. tasmanian Tiger
  5. Tasmanian Tiger

    Once found in the mainland of Australia to the island of Tasmania and New Guinea, the existence of the Tasmanian Tiger was threatened when Europeans arrived here. They hunted the Tasmanian Tigers in an organised way. Even governments also gave rewards for killing. And gradually, this species went extinct.

  6. pyrenean ibex
  7. Pyrenean ibex

    The wild goat species Pyrenean ibex was once found in large numbers in the mountainous regions of Europe. They became extinct in the year 2000. The reason behind the extinction of the Pyrenean ibex was excessive hunting and poaching.

  8. baiji white dolphin
  9. Baiji white dolphin

    Baiji white dolphin, also called the Chinese River Dolphin, was found only in the Chinese river Yangtze. After the industrialisation of china, many activities started happening on this river. After the year 1950, the population of this species went on decreasing. Although this dolphin is not officially listed as extinct, no one has seen this dolphin since 2002.

  10. passenger pigeon
  11. The passenger pigeon

    Estimates suggest that the number of passenger pigeons was once in the millions. But as soon as Europeans settled in America, they started hunting this pigeon. They hunted to such an extent that this pigeon became extinct.

  12. northern white rhinoceros
  13. Northern white rhinoceros

    The northern white rhinoceros, which once roamed freely in the grasslands and woodlands of Savanna, are almost extinct today. Today only two females of this species are left, under the protection of armed men. The reason for the extinction of this species was poaching and loss of habitat.

  14. golden toad
  15. Golden Toad

    The golden toad is an extinct species of true toad, which was once found in large numbers in the highlands of Costa Rica. But due to pollution, global warming and chytrid skin infection, golden toad became extinct.

  16. steller's sea cow
  17. Steller's sea cow

    The steller's sea cow was an extraordinary creature that lived in the subarctic waters of the Northern Pacific ocean. Their skin was very thick, which protected them from extreme cold and sharp rocks. The unique thing about these mammals was that they had a very strong family bond. If one of them got injured, the entire group would circle the wounded member to protect it from predators. But unfortunately, within 27 years of the discovery of this species, it became extinct. Excessive hunting is the primary reason behind it.

  18. toolache wallaby
  19. Toolache wallaby

    The toolache wallaby was once found from the southeast corner of Australia to the western part of Victoria. But within just 87 years of the arrival of Europeans to Australia, this creature became extinct.


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