Aug 17, 2022

Book Review

by Arpit

Book:The Art of War
Author:Sun Tzu
Publisher:Tingle Books

Before reading the book, I thought that the book was about the thinking process of the human brain. But 'The Art of War is much more than just the thinking approach. Written nearly 2500 years ago, it is still the most influential book in military strategy.

Although the book is all about the strategies used in war, the techniques could be used in day-to-day life. Many people have adapted the principles in politics, business and other similar sectors. Before waging war, planning plays a crucial role. You must know your strengths and weaknesses against your enemy's strengths and weaknesses. The most threatening move is to destroy your enemy psychologically before the actual war begins.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

army men carrying his bag

Sun Tzu outlines the first five fundamental factors that govern the war. These are The Moral law, Heaven, Earth, The Commander and Method and Discipline. Speed and decisiveness of the army play an influential role in the Art of War.

“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Victory in war is not dependent on the amount of destruction you created. To capture the enemy territory whole and intact is the real victory. This kind of victory requires proper strategy.

“Thus we may know that there are five essentials for victory: 1 He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight. 2 He will win who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces. 3 He will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks. 4 He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared. 5 He will win who has military capacity and is not interfered with by the sovereign.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

A good fighter should know to save himself against defeat and wait for an opportunity to defeat the enemy. Different circumstances need different tactics and different choices. There are roads you should not consider, armies you should not attack, and towns you should not capture.

planning board

The book teaches how to make the entire war profitable using proper strategies. It contains valuable lessons that can help you in your day-to-day life. You should definitely give it a try.


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