08 July, 2020

Book Review

by Arpit

Book:Follow Every Rainbow
Author:Rashmi Bansal

From the title, it is clear that this book is undoubtedly a motivating one. Hats off to the author for this beautiful book. It is typical Rashmi Bansal book which consists of 25 inspirational stories. Let me finish the above line again. It consists of inspirational stories of 25 women entrepreneurs. Now it seems perfect. After reading this book, you would find the true definition of an entrepreneur. Being a woman, it is not easy to raise a family as well as the company. But with the right attitude and commitment, one could change the entire world.

“Advantage in business: if women and men are in equal ability, customers prefer to choose female, as while working they’re more exquisite / responsible / careful.” ― Rashmi Bansal, Follow Every Rainbow

The book starts with a beautiful poem to energize the spirit of readers. All the chapters have been characterized into three broad categories. Lakshmi - those who had the support of their family members to bring wealth and prosperity in the family comes under this category. Durga - those who entered this field due to adverse circumstances or to fight for survival comes under this category. Saraswati - those who had professional education and had the dream to make their own identity through entrepreneurship comes under this category. The main points said by each entrepreneur is highlighted in between each chapter. The society we live in today is a dramatic fearful society. Instead of motivating us to do something great, it demoralises us in some or the other way. The journey of each entrepreneur in the book would definitely excite you.

At the end of every story, there is a piece of advice for women entrepreneurs. The language is simple to understand and is quite motivating. In the middle of the book, the excitement level may tend to decrease. But overall, this book is worth reading. I will recommend the book to young entrepreneurs and women who want to make their mark in society. People who want to seek some advice and need some motivation can also read this book.

“Women can do a lot. We underestimate ourselves a lot. Even if you do maybe a small fraction of what you are capable of, that will be very big. You really need to have a supportive family but we need to work towards getting the support also rather than just saying ‘I’m not getting support’.” ― Rashmi Bansal, Follow Every Rainbow


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