Apr 21, 2023

Aghora III the Law of Karma

by Arpit

After reading Aghora 1 and Aghora 2, it was time to end the Aghora series with the last book, "Aghora 3 - The Law of Karma". Like the previous two books, the Author shares the wisdom of his guru, "Vimalananda."

American Author and Ayurvedic specialist Robert E. Svoboda wrote "Aghora: The Law of Karma," which explores the relationship between actions and their consequences. The Aghora is a Hindu sect that worships Shiva and believes in karma; this book delves into their beliefs and practices.

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There are three sections to this book. The first section provides a foundational understanding of Aghora and its tenets. The second section explores Aghora's philosophy, including karma and its effects on an individual's life. The book concludes by discussing how to put Aghora principles into practice.

One of the fascinating aspects of "Aghora: The Law of Karma" is the Author's personal experience with the Aghora sect. For years, Svoboda shared a home with an Aghori guru, where he learned the religion's ins and outs. Because of the Author's involvement, this book offers insights into spirituality that are fresh and original.


Karma is one of the fundamental ideas discussed in the book. Karma is the belief that every action has repercussions that shape our lives. All of our deeds, thoughts, and words contribute to our karma, and we alone control our fate, according to the Aghoris. This book breaks down the various forms of karma and how they might influence our daily lives.

The guru's place in one's life is also discussed at length. The Aghoris hold that one can only advance along the spiritual path with the guidance of a guru. The Author describes his time spent with his guru and the profound effect he had on him.

The book also delves into the Aghoris' meditative, chanting, and ritualistic ways of life. These methods are meant to aid people in realizing their true selves and conquering their egos. Thanks to the Author's comprehensive explanations, performing these rituals is within reach of everyone interested.

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The Author's writing style is one of the book's many strengths. Svoboda has a way with words that makes even the most difficult subjects in Aghora simple to grasp. He also sprinkles the text with humor to make it more palatable.

Overall, "Aghora: The Law of Karma" is a fascinating read that sheds light on the beliefs and practices of the Aghori sect. Anyone curious about spirituality, Hinduism, or karma might benefit from reading it. This book would be a great addition to anyone's collection due to its high-quality writing, wealth of information, and exciting content.


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